In my mind today, I’m feeling you guessed it students OVERWHELMED! We all get this way periodically. I’ve just been way off of my game as of late and I’m trying desperately to right my routine and world. As my dad always warned me about too many irons in the fire, my irons are glowing red and about to melt into the flames. I’m doing my best but between book clubs, organizing a race, teaching Sunday School, planning youth group, doctor appointments, meetings, and trying to keep my daily reading, reflecting, and writing going, I’m a ball of anxiety. So guess what my body has been doing? Shutting down and literally passing out in the middle of my ambitious ventures. I know, I know. That’s a normal reaction because a healthy person would be snoring along side me as well.

My internal clock is ticking and my body cannot fail me now. I have too much to do. My youngest daughter is only sixteen. My body is screaming from exhaustion but my mind is pleading for more time. I recently had my Vanderbilt pulmonary check-up. My lung capacity was down to 18%. I played it off but something inside me lurched. It’s happening and I’m fighting it with all of my mind. When I get too much into my tomorrows, I panic. Don’t fret students. Just do me a favor and follow my lead. Let’s center ourselves with prayer and cry out to God together. Not just for longevity but for lives well lived and with purpose. That’s what truly matters most.

Before I bum the entire classroom out, let’s examine some positives. As a former teacher posted recently on social media, the news is being inundated with stories of hope and strength from the recent natural disasters. This makes my heart happy because the media tends to spread despair and promotes dissension. Please join in by giving to a local charity that helps people rebuild after such duress from the recent disasters.

Also, good news in the world of ALS. There is a drug available to help slow the effects of the disease. It’s costly but available through the free clinic the Autumn March for ALS supports. I hope to be included in this treatment soon. Prayers please.

Another cause of my stress is that I have begun to raise funds for the Autumn March for ALS 2017 and want to allow all students in our county and surrounding counties to run FREE! If they sign up by the October 7th deadline, I’ll guarantee them a shirt. Of course, I need people to help sponsor this endeavor. I want this to be the largest child participated race in Tennessee. It’s always been about the children with me. I love each and every single one I meet. I’m asking for online donations through gofundme.com; just search for Autumn March for ALS 2017. A $10 donation will sponsor a child. You can mail a check to me payable to Autumn March for ALS at my address listed below my blog. Please help our children run and help me defeat ALS. Students 18 and under can sign up online or with a paper form. I’ll have paper forms available at Los Lomas, El Patio, and Java Cafe. I’ll hand deliver them if necessary. Last year was amazing, and I’m praying this year will be just as fruitful. As I typed this last line, “Whom shall I fear?” popped into my mind. I have faith in myself, you, and God. I feel so much better already. Thanks be to God.
Sarah Anderson Alley

Dedicated to children so they will never sit idly by in a chair from ALS and watch others run.

Quotes of the Day:
Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.
H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.
Charles R. Swindoll

Sarah Alley
370 Heathridge Dr
Dyersburg, TN 38024
Checks payable to Autumn March for ALS
Visit online:




Author: showtunessal

Me! I am a retired teacher. I taught 20 years. I retired because of my weakened condition but my mind is afire. I read, write, reflect, and write every day. My POV is usually as a teacher but not always. I have a bucket list and on it is to be a published author. I have many books to write. I want a cure for ALS. I want to spread LOVE. I want my maker to use me until I'm completely exhausted. Life is for living. "Enjoy every sandwich" Warren Zevon

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