In my mind today, I have been working through losing one of my favorite friends to heaven and trying to focus on making this year’s race a success. My friend was the reason I took over this race. He has some very big shoes to fill on our committee. In order to honor my friend, I wanted to explain how it all came to be.
After being forced into retirement because of my weakened physical abilities, I noticed there were advocates that did a yearly walk for ALS. I thought this was so cool and the way I could try to find a way to be useful. Every year in our little West Tennessee town we have always had race on the 3rd Saturday of October. It was coming up on the 26th annual Mission March. I called my friend who had always run in it as I had in the past and asked how could I do a walk in conjunction with the Mission March to help support ALS research and help our little community in some way. To give back to the community that had always loved me through this horrible disease that was my goal. When I called Bart, I asked him if we could do a simple walk along with the Mission March event. He sadly told me that the event had been canceled. He then told me that he had run the race every single year and was very sad it was going to be let go. I said, “I’ll be on the committee if you want to try to do something with it.” He replied, ” Be on the committee? You are the committee!” And so out of that conversation, became the Autumn March for ALS. 
We had big dreams for the race. Each year we wanted to build on the next. As the race began to gain steam, we had the idea of all kids running free. Especially the youngest of our community. We understood the benefits for children to run. Children need exercise, healthy competition, and camaraderie. The shirts would be free for these students. The shirts are also a gift from us to our kids in this area and wherever else they may land. The shirts can be used as a spirit shirt for school and it could also be used underneath polo shirts that are mandated by our systems. We understood that many kids have needs that can’t always be met. This was just another little way we could help out the least of ours. Do we lose money when we do this? It depends on what you are talking about. Yes we lose part of our bottom dollar but we also gain so much by way of spreading that light and love to others which is priceless. We wanted the race to inspire students to be healthy, to become teammates, and to feel good about themselves. We had a vision that schools all around the area and eventually around the country could join in our fight for a cure and a brighter future. We always hoped that the children would outnumber the adults. We both thought of Spain and how the running of the bulls would be so cool if the bulls were children running down our streets. I am not going to give up. I know Bart would not want me to ever give up. 
Another wonderful thing that blossomed out of the race was support for local scholarships to local seniors. This money that we raise helps those students start a chapter in college. Each year we hope to give more and more scholarships. This year we were able to give four $1,000 scholarships. We call these scholarships The Autumn March “Whatever it Takes Scholarship” was added to our efforts in order to honor long time teacher and admistrator Robert Cupples and Sarah Alley. All of our legacies should be for the future and that is our kids. These scholarships help leave a legacy to share the light in our little corners of the world. The only thing required is to write an essay about how you will be a light in the world after college or trade school and give it to your guidance counselor. 
The people in your neighborhood who do the jobs needed and do those while shedding light to all the dark places are needed now more than ever. Another way that we try to help others is through local donations to non-profit organizations. We were able to give Matthew 25:40 a gift of money during a very trying financial year to ensure the least got Christmas presents and other needs covered. We are all on the same team.
Mr. Bart worked tirelessly up to the very end. He continued to encourage me and now I encourage you. If you can donate to help sponsor students to run and to receive a shirt free, please donate. It doesn’t matter if it’s $5 or $100. Just help us be the good that’s what Bart would want. As many know, Mr Bart was one of the best cookie bakers and sweet treat makers of all time! Everyone coveted those was wonderful cookies and caramels. It was a tradition that he started with his kids and they would deliver those to people around them especially the elderly and during the holidays. He was a grandfather and his grandchildren called him Cookie. You and I both know why. He’d never visited without sharing those wonderful cookies. Please help support us during this crazy year of virtual everything! If you are at school, please have groups of kids sign up and walk or run to show their support for Mr Bart, a cure, or a brighter tomorrow. Make posters and celebrate! You could do all of the above by signing up and posting your accomplishments! As usual we will have a trophy for the school with the largest number of students to run. We then deliver the trophy and cookies to the winners! Last years winner was Fifth Consolidated Elementary. The beauty is it could all be done at your leisure. I’m hoping that all runs will be completed by October 31st and posted to our websites to share the love! 
Sarah Anderson AlleySal the Autumn March Gal
Quotes of the day: Have courage…….Be kind…….Eat cookies!!The secret ingredient is always…….kindness. All you need is love and cookies!!Bake the world a better place. Peace, Love, & Cookies Tracy Cupples


In my mind today, I am full of heartache, tears, and gratitude. Recently, our little town lost something very precious. It’s not a government grant or a local business but a person. A priceless person. That person was what I always called our “BFG.” He was our big friendly giant. (Students did you not read The BFG by Roald Dahl. No? Read it. It’s homework!) You would think with his stature that he would stand out, but that isn’t the case. He was so full of humility and he never wanted any credit for anything he had done or inspired. One of our colleagues said it like this, “He was a brilliant man and could have chosen any career, but he chose to be a teacher and a school counselor.” This is so true. I am so glad he chose to be a teacher and counselor. He has literally inspired thousands of children in our little community. He has inspired them to learn their multiplication facts, to be authors,  influenced their emotional health, and even their physical health by inspiring them to run or walk. He was always a champion for the underdogs. He focused on reaching the least of us throughout his career. He was a tinker of sorts. He would take old bikes and refurbish them. He would deliver those bikes to children who had no other means of getting one. Things like this are never advertised. He is the one that inspired me to go around and save apples and milk from students at lunch that were unused. We then would distribute those inconspicuously to the students who needed them the most. Wasting was always something that he wanted to end. He was a writer or author should I say? He would do writing classes with the students and inspire their imaginations. He even wrote books and put them in the library at the school. They were self-published of course but he was showing the students by living his life that anything was possible. He even wrote a column for the paper about Highway 51. He was a carpenter. He built many items for his loved ones and was always there to help with Habitat for Humanity in our little town. He was a lover of the Earth. He started recycling in this area way before anyone else ever thought of it. Guess what he inspired his students to do? He was also a runner. He was a race organizer. He loved to run. I remember many moons ago when he inspired me to run. I remember getting New Balance shoes just like his. I didn’t want to be like Mike. I realized who the real heroes really were. He was a cyclist. I don’t know if many knew about his cycling adventures. I think he biked across states in the Midwest. It was Ohio. One of the bikes he used for that trek, I had refurbished whenever I started by cycling adventure. I remember returning it to him after I figured out my cycling days were over. It was a special bike. I also have a tandum bike he gifted to me to share with friends. I promised him that I would. So Darla and Jeff you know who you are, I have it hanging in my the garage waiting for you. He even held a political office for a while. I remember when he was running for office. I ran the Mission March that year wearing his campaign shirt. After the race, he came over and thanked me for wearing it. He was a leader in our local Civitan organization. He was always trying to help others learn to be good citizens and he helped influence this organization to support local nonprofits as well as many other things. He was a mechanic. He always had several project cars going. He just couldn’t stand to see those cars rust and fade away. He refurbished several during his time here with us. If you see a yellow Honda, you always think of him. He was also a baker of treats. The first thing my daughter said was, “Oh mom, No more cookies.” He would always give her a dozen to take with her to college to share. They are the absolute best cookies ever baked. He and his youngest invented the marvelous recipe but of course he gave her all of the credit. Last but not least, he was a storyteller. His stories were always so fantastical. He was just so wise. He was so much like Mister Rogers. I think he rivaled him in every way and how blessed are we that had him. 

I remember asking him about how he met his wife. I always do this. It amazes me how people meet and fall in love. He described it as almost a love at first sight. He was always enamored by his wife’s beautiful, brilliant mind and strength. That love blessed them with many children. I am so thankful to God for their relocation to our area. After his wife finished law school at Vanderbilt, they came to our little corner of the world. She would fight the legal battles with her intelligent mind and he would fight the local poverty through his vocation. Such a match that blessed this little area. He and I had many conversations, but after I learned of his journey back to our Creator, I kept thinking of John Cougar Mellencamp. I know my students in the back are thinking she’s lost it! He recalled the time that he and his wife went to one of his concerts. The morning after I realized he had left the Earth, I couldn’t quit crying. I tried to hold back tears in front of my children. The next morning at coffee time, my husband said, “It’s okay. Cry. We lost one of the good ones. While I was doing my prayers, I realized that I didn’t need to pray for healing of this body for him, but said a prayer for his journey home.”  So I did for a long time. My children were very worried as I knew they would be. So I went out to my prayer spot on the deck and played John Cougar Mellencamp. In every song that played I could feel a thread of his life: “Jack and Diane,” “Born in a Small Town,” “Cherry Bomb,” “Check It Out,” and “Little Pink Houses.” Sitting out there listening to music a butterfly approached me. It stayed with me all day. As soon as I saw it, I remembered what my friend’s grandmother had once told me about butterflies and how they give you a sign from heaven. I immediately felt so warm. I knew he was where we all want to be. He had shed his body and was flying. This morning I knew I had to get this out of me to honor my friend. I decided to just check my email one time before I started. I received a an email from his daughter. You see, he and I exchanged at least an email a week. Just silly updates about what we are writing or what our children were up to and about living each day to its fullest. I just kept hoping I would hear from him one more time and I did through his youngest. You see, the seed he planted in her is beginning to bloom. After I read it, the same butterfly landed outside of my window on the hydrangea bush where I sit each morning and pray.
As teachers and counselors, we understand that the fruit of our labor is not often seen in our lifetime. I know because of him, there will be so many more like him. I know he has planted so many seeds in this little community. If you are a former student of his, that seed is probably in you. Embrace it. Do just like our BFG or Mister Rogers, Be the Good. 

Sarah Anderson Alley

Sal the I Love Mr. Bart Gal

Dedicated to Barton “Bart” Joseph Williams

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back to Basics

What in the World?

In my mind today, I am thinking of our humanity. Where is it going? What are we doing? What are our morals? I do so much reading trying to find the answer to all of this chaos that we are experiencing in the world at this moment. The world has always been chaotic, but some of us have never had these struggles and choices to make that strengthen our morals. Where do our morals come from? I hope and pray that most of us live by a moral code that spreads goodness for our fellow men and women. In my heart I believe that most of us do have this and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. We shouldn’t be ashamed to serve those and help those who are hurting in this world. We shouldn’t be ashamed to admit and that say we are sorry for past transgressions. Let me get back to the first question. What is the world is going on and where are our morals? Currently there are about 7.8 billion people on this planet. Here is how they believe:

Adherents in 2020
Religion Adherents Percentage

Christianity 2.3 billion29%

Islam 1.9 billion 24%

Hinduism 1.2 billion 15.4%

Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist 1.1 billion 14.1%

Most of the people on this planet still believe in moral codes. So we need to begin to live by these codes especially in the United States where I am blessed to live. I am not ashamed to say that I am a Catholic Christian. This does not mean that I do not love or care for other Christians or people. It is quite the opposite. It means that I care so much for their welfare and existence as much as I do for my own. It also means that I believe in a creator. If we could live our code of morals the world could be such a beautiful place. I have studied other religions in college courses as well as with religious sisters. We all have a common thread of love of God’s creation but only one flipped the script of history. Instead of becoming stronger and dominating others it called us to be a servant for others. I know many will begin to talk of all the travesties that have happened within the Christian faith especially Catholicism. The problem with all religions is the inability of humans to live out the code of morals. Do you blame the creator for the frail humans who do harm in the name of God? This is a trick question. You pray for them and you help them with restorative justice. That means you try to help them restore their humanity. Some cases may be beyond us and left to the Creator. 

How smart are you? As for me, I know there are so many things I have not experienced or studied or even understand. Who knows all of these mysterious mysteries? You may want to quote philosophers or mention a brilliant scientist but the world that we live in is a mystery. I believe it will always be a mystery. I believe we should do as much good as we can with science for humanity, but science can only take you so far. What we fail to understand is that there is something more. Something that is far greater than we can even wrap our tiny minds around. Something that promotes goodness for all. Something that wants us to live in communion with each other regardless of our race, religious preference, socio-economic level, and sexual or gender preference. We are to live with love in our hearts for everyone and everything in this world. Will we always agree? Never. But if we’d love in spite our prejudices and differences then we are living as the Christ who lives within us.

Do you believe in taking a life of another person? Regardless of the age of that person? The one thing that divides Catholic Christians from others is our staunch belief that life begins at the conception in the womb. We believe abortions are murder. If this baby is to be without any interference, it will become a person. I am a woman. I understand that there are times when you may or may not want a child. It may be because of your financial situation, health, or that you were taken advantage of by someone. The child that you carry did not have the choice. But you have a choice. I have read and witnessed so many who have had abortions and have gravely regretted it. I have also witnessed people who have a child that was conceived and is flawed genetically. The choice to keep that child has brought immense, inexplicable joy to a family. These children have souls. My family has lived this with our wonderful Jonathan. He was born with a heart defect. The surgery did not go well and had severe brain damage. He is loved and cherished by our family. His life is important. You have a soul. My daughter often gets into social media battles with people who are for abortion. The biggest argument she has had to face is the young lady has been raped. As I have said before, I am a woman. I have experienced horrible things but many are kept quiet and I give them to God. I pray for those who hurt this young lady as well as the one that hurt me long ago. My experience did not result in a child but it was horrific all the same. I also want to say that I am a mother. I have felt the stir in my womb of my children. It is something that I will always remember and cherish. Had I a child that wasn’t wanted I don’t believe I could have had an abortion. Part of that child would be of me and my creator, God. I think adoption is the answer not abortion. I can never be for abortion or murder of any kind. I hope you could not be for it either. I think this issue of abortion has totally ripped our country in half. As long as we continue to legalize abortion, I fear we will not be able to heal the wounds of this country. 

This blog has been on my heart for a long time. I know intellectuals that will call me stupid, superstitious, country bumpkin, and irrelevant. Whenever I took up my cross, I knew they would. The history of the world does not look too wonderful whenever our morals are removed especially through political means. Removing religion from a society ethically destabilizes it. This is what I mean. The people of the culture will do self-serving things instead of selfless things for other humans. Speaking of trickling down, it will trickle down into every vocation within the society. Here is a history question for you. Why were the British vulnerable to the colonists of America? They depended on hired mercenaries called Hessians. They were here for pay. They worked to better themselves not to better their society. The soldiers here from Britain were here out of love and loyalty to the crown but their livelihood was elsewhere. The colonists had everything to lose. Why do we believe the World War II era and veterans are considered the greatest generation? They died to end an evil. They gave everything. Why? They lived by a moral code. All veterans of this country lived by a code of selflessness regardless of which side of history they were on during their lives. We cannot continue to allow hate to rule our hearts. Our livelihood today depends on selfless service for the better of all. Most know that I have a very debilitating illness. I depend on doctors and nurses to help me live. If they did not have a selfless servant’s heart what a travesty for me that would be. Most people want to help others and to live in harmony. Most people want just enough to enjoy life. It is those that are greedy and want others to serve them that are driving a lot of the discontent in this world. We all are born into different stations in life. We all all failing to see that being the master of your own life is unattainable. There is no joy. What is it to gain the world, but to lose yourself in the process? Some of the most unhappy people I have ever met are those that have so so much monetary advantages. I will never be a rich woman by earthly standards nor do I aspire to be. This is not my goal. My goal is to love and serve and to continue to believe in that mysterious beauty of God. The laws of my faith will help bring that mysterious beauty to life on Earth. The biggest treasures you will ever find on this Earth are those souls around you. Those souls to whom one can love and share this earthly life. We cannot erase the ugliest of our past. As Christians, we can only choose to forgive. We can choose to build a better kingdom here on Earth. A kingdom that loves everyone and gives each person respect. You could argue with me. You can dismiss me. You can scoff at me. You can call me names. Do you know what I will do? I will love you anyway. I will pray for you and this country and this world everyday. There are things that we can do. We can do those things out of our Christian codes. There are 2.1 billion of us. Today I call you to love and pray for everyone. Change needs to happen but it has to be done with a heart of a servant. Can you be that servant?
Sarah Anderson Alley

Sal the I Love the World Gal

Quotes of the day: 

St. Ireaneous”The glory of God is the human person fully alive.”
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”Gandhi
“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”Leo Tolstoy

Population statistics from

Birthdays and Adorations and Ponderings

In my mind today I am thinking of adoration and birthdays. I was recently so thankful to be able to celebrate 51 years around the sun. My favorite day of the year has always been my birthday. It has a lot of good memories attached. My family always adored me and I was so blessed. I had brothers and sisters who always made me feel special even when times were hard with my parents. But isn’t that’s what life is all about? It’s about loving others and making them feel special. That’s what we are called to do everyday. Even today after 51 years, I still feel so loved and adored. I am so grateful for this love that has to be from God.

Living a limited life has led me to spend lots of time and prayer and petitions for those I adore. I count it all as Joy. Just because my body is limited doesn’t mean it limits the amount of love I could give and share. I think it has actually grown my heart even more. As a history teacher, I could see all of the roots of hate that were planted in our country. Devisive roots that grew out of control. But I understand people want to survive and thrive but to do it on the backs of others is a travesty. That’s not a kingdom God would want. We can do better. 
Take time today to ponder. Ponder on those times that people came and gave you love. Remember how it felt. Remember those times of joy. Remember all of those who are part of this memory. We get so hung up in this life that we do not take time to ponder the beauty and miracles of love in our lives. Ponder why you are doing what you do each day. Is your life building a good kingdom here on Earth? Is it promoting goodness for all? Is it good and beautiful? It takes nothing but time to stop and remember the wonderful times we have been given. My birthday this year is one of those times that I will treasure. As I write this, I ponder and think of the love that was given to me by so many friends and family. Birthdays are special, but each day given from God is special. Take time today to adore and ponder those ones around you to whom you owe so much happiness. Then say a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for giving you all of these wonderful moments. 
Sarah Anderson AlleySal the Birthday Gal
Quotes of the day:

  • “ The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama.
  • “ Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” — John Lennon.
  • “ Get busy living or get busy dying.” — Stephen King.
  • “ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West

Galaxies and Governments

In my mind today, I am thinking of the phrase whom shall I fear? I am one of those people that believes in God. I believe in a Creator. When you observe all of the nature around you and the skies above you and the stars that glow, there has to be something much, much bigger than us. I don’t think that there’s any coincidence that our solar system looks just like an atom. The sun is our nucleus the planets are like electrons rotating around in ellipses. The smallest part that we can even think of mimics the largest part that most of us know about and that is just not a coincidence. There’s just something to this life of ours that serves a greater purpose.
As a family, we usually try to find a show to watch together in the evenings. We don’t typically pick modern shows but we have in the past. Currently we are on a vintage Star Trek binge. When you look at shows like this it makes you imagine and think  how vast the world can be beyond our little galaxy. We are not the only galaxy. We don’t have the only sun. There are so many others out there. It just speaks of the greatness of our Creator and on the other hand it shows the smallness of our humanness. These little souls that dwell on the planet Earth. Right now our Earth is in a turmoil because of the pandemic. This is not the first time nor will it be the last. What I am reminded of daily is whom should I put up my trust in? Governments? My trust is always with the Creator. It is with the people that have the greatest interest for their fellowmen and women that bend my ears. The Earth is such a living viable part of us and our existence. We have all been treating it like Once-lers. If you don’t know what that is read The Lorax by Dr. Suess. It also deserves our attention as well as the resident aliens, widows and orphans. You see there is so much work that we can do with God’s help. We have to stay united in our humanity. The word devil means division. It looks like a whole lot of division is out there in our governments and in our cities and communities. Don’t fall for the greatest trick in the world: dividing to conquer. Does anyone remember this? A house divided will never stand.
I don’t want this blog to bring doom and gloom. I am not afraid of the big bad wolf and you shouldn’t be either. Whom shall I fear? Whom shall you fear? We all should work together for the greater good of humanity. It is our job to not fear but to be fearless. Stop all of the divisive talk on social media and news. We need to unite with one another regardless of political affiliation, religion, Creed, color, and gender. We, you and I, are the gears that do the work for this world and this country. It is time that we put down our differences and show the world that we still believe in something so much bigger and better than we ever could be. Let us do the work for the kingdom of God here on Earth. People cannot lead unless we let them. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to be self-sufficient. It is time to be by the people, for the people, and of the people. People with morality. People with empathy. People that are fair. People that are just. People that are selfless. Remove lobbyist at PACs out of our government. It shouldn’t cost billions to be elected. That is outrageous.I believe in God and us as we tread through these times, together.
Sarah Anderson AlleySal the Togetherness Gal
Quotes of the day by Stephen Hawking:
❝If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God❞ – A Brief History Of Time, published 1988❝One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away❞ – Interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, June 2010❝My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit, as well as physically❞ – Interview, New York Times, May 2011“Einstein was wrong when he said ‘God does not play dice’. Consideration of black holes suggests, not only that God does play dice, but that he sometimes confuses us by throwing them where they can’t be seen.”  The Nature of Space and Time

Hurts so Good

In my mind today I am not thinking of John Cougar Mellencamp, but his songs do ring true to me. I am thinking of those times when you love someone and it does hurt when they move on to their heavenly chapter. Missing them and the opportunities to show them that you love them are not a reality anymore truly hurts.
Today is my father’s birthday. He has been gone 17 years. He would be 95 years old today. My father was a colorful character with many talents and many crosses to bear. He was a veteran of WWII serving in the Pacific rim and came home an alcoholic. He struggled and battled his entire life with alcoholism. The key here is that he never gave up and he triumphed over it. He was able to become the father we needed and the precious grandfather that was cherished by all of the children in our family. He was a musician, nature lover, and such a proud man. He often tried to warn others especially in our family of the pitfalls of addiction. It often didn’t take especially among his own children. I know this troubled him greatly during the end of his life here on Earth. He was just such a wonderful mess. It does hurt so good to remember him. I’m so proud of my father and the struggles that he overcame. 
He had a gift for making me feel so loved even to a fault sometimes. He did the same with so many of the grandchildren in his life. Whether it be a Saturday visit to deliver a watermelon to a granddaughter that loved them so much or picking up a sick child from school and sitting with them until the parent was able to get home, these are just a few of the redemptive things he did to rectify the years our family dealt with his addiction. Saturdays were his days to pop in and visit me. He always had something in tow for my children and of course me. He taught me so much about flowers and trees. I always shed tears on this day . Not for the loss of him but for the everlasting love he gave me. It does hurt so good to remember him. 
I hope everyone reading this realizes how precious time is. Your parents and grandparents will not be here forever. They have a treasure trove of memories and of times past that can help us through our current situations with the crisises of America. Please sit down and talk to them. Give them your ears and your time. People are so very important. God gives you each other to help and to heal. It’s not always going to be easy, but it is so very worth it to invest in people and communities. My father grew up in the Great Depression. He knew hunger. He experienced bravery in the face of death. He knew if a person could be relied upon that was worth more than money. Did he learn all this overnight? Of course not, neither do we. As we go through this day and every day remember that it does hurt so good to remember those we love. But what a priceless treasure it is to have been loved.
Sarah Anderson Alley

Sal the Grateful for Love Gal
Me: “Daddy why are you so brown?”Dad: “I drink too much black coffee pumpkin.”
“Shoot the ball Sally!”
“Sarah Anne there is no such thing as a sale.”
Me: “Daddy I want a pair of Nike shoes.”Dad: “Just get a plain pair and write Nikki on them.”Me: “Forget it!”

Modern Miracles

Our amazing volunteers!

In my mind today, I am thinking of miracles. This time in history is so scary for all of us. Pandemics are very serious business that tend to strike every century. How do we deal with them? That’s how the strong are separated from the weak. Or should I say you discover who has a stout heart during times of adversity. 
Last night, we had a Matthew 25:40 meeting over Zoom (a video calling service). We were discussing usual business, but as we were discussing how we have been reacting as a non-profit to the pandemic I felt an overwhelming surge of love and admiration for everyone involved in this small non-profit association. As I was reading my devotional ironically it was about the loaves and fish. Jesus told the disciples to give the crowds something to eat. The disciples were scrambling for answers. Then one of the disciples says this child has a lunch, and Jesus said bring it forth. Then he performed a miracle. Of course He could have just performed a miracle instead of asking His disciples for a solution. However, Jesus wants us to be in the midst of the battles on Earth because he knew one day he would go to His heavenly home. With the Holy Spirit, then we simple humans would become His hands, feet, mind, and heart. Remember, Thy Kingdom Come? My heart swells because Matthew 25:40 has been multiplying the loaves and fish in our little community along with many others. 
As of this week, Matthew 25:40 will have served supper to 7,000 children. Our local schools have provided lunches to our most needy, but we knew these children and families needed more. We have provided food from our pantry for those in need. We have provided money to pay utility bills. Matthew 25:40 just hasn’t stopped being the hands and feet of Christ in our community. I am so grateful to be president of the board for this wonderful non-profit. We heard His voice and we did not harden our hearts. We work so closely with the homeless and knew how devastated they would be. When you think with a heart of Christ there is no other answer besides helping.
I want to give a shout out in this blog to all of those out there on the front lines helping others, whether it be a small non-profit like us or medical workers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Each day I wake giving thanks for the breath in my lungs so I can live another day to be a part of God’s plan. The people who have come out to help us at Matthew 25:40 have been priceless. We have had local food businesses donate meals, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are still in a battle and appreciate all of the donations and will still need more. We will always have people who need non-profits like Matthew 25:40. Today I am asking you to continue to help out those who need it, but I also want even more for you to pray for us. Pray for us to have the strength and the resources to do the work set before us during this time and in the future. Thank you for being part of the modern day miracles.
Sarah Anderson Alley

Sal the Matthew 25:40 Gal

Quote of the Day: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” -Mister Rogers

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The Greatest Gift

In my mind today, I am thinking of all of the blessings, yes blessings in our little corner of the world. We are in the middle of a pandemic. We have been isolated from family and friends. I was writing a friend this morning about my heart being filled with joy and it hit me that it has been almost three decades since I have physically missed Easter at our little parish. 
Last night we watched via social media Easter Vigil Mass. My daughter, the priest, a parishioner, and the music director were the only physical people there. At the consecration of the Eucharist I felt it. It was the Holy Spirit flowing in to me. Amid the tragedy of this time, God is there. He has never left. He never will. Neither will we. God does not spurn a good, faithful heart. A heart that is pure in its love for God and his neighbor.
I’ve heard many upset about Easter being ruined. Easter can never be ruined. Yes, we miss our routines, church families, and freedom to flow through the cities as we please. I understand. I love people. I miss communion with my little town. Instead of thinking about what we’ve lost because of our situations, think of what was given. Time. It is the most precious commody. 
Ken (Papa Smurf, Poppa Ratz, Dad) has not used all of his vacation for probably two decades. He has been given precious time at home with his family. We have enjoyed this sabbatical from the rat race. We have been given a wonderful gift.
My son who cares for me has not been to church in more than five years. Last night he watched the Easter Vigil Mass with us. God is working always working. Gifts. 
I sat by my window and watched the rain so thankful. Amazed that birds were frolicking by the feeders and the squirrels were up to their antics. This filled my heart with hope. As I watched, I prayed for all of you who may come across this blog. 
The pandemic has taken many earthly lives. This is such a tragic, grief-stricken times. That’s what happens periodically: plague, colorea, polio, & Spanish flu. Death happens. Doing my ancestry, I discovered that my grandmother was an orphan of the Spanish flu. Her life was so hard, but the beauty and love of her posterity lives. Why plagues and pandemics? That’s the question. Or is it? We are living history every day of our lives. Take notice and be in the moments of each and every day. It’s so hard to do but this pandemic has given us time to do just that. That’s why we say, “Call it all a gift.” My friends enjoy this time. Happy Easter my friends today and every day. That is the Greatest Gift of all.
Sarah Anderson AlleySal the Heart-full Gal
Life never ends because love never does.


In my mind today, I’m thinking of Resurrection. It was in today’s gospel reading. Lazarus was brought back to life. With the pandemic that lurks over our country and world, lots of people begin to reevaluate and start thinking about the BIG question: What happens when a mortal person dies? 
Yesterday’s readings talked of the resiliency of trees. Did you ever notice what happens when a tree is cut down? There is evidence by my mailbox. There are new shoots each spring that my nephew cuts back for me. Trees are amazing. They were here before us and will outlive most humans. I have several dear friends fighting cancer in the midst of a pandemic. Lots of my prayers are with them these days. One recently read a book given by his children about trees. From the jest of the book and gift, I think my friend’s children were saying, “Look Dad, we are your shoots. We will continue the good work started. Don’t worry.” It’s so true. Whenever I look into my grandchildren’s eyes, I see good. I see a future. I see pieces of my child, my husband, and me. God has wonderful plans. I have faith in that. I do not fear death.
Everyone has questions and fears of the unknown. Most are resistant to change, good or bad. During the early stages of this pandemic, I have seen change. I have seen sacrifice. I have seen selflessness. I have seen God working with us in this small community. If you don’t know by now, I am a teacher by trade. My fellow teachers are doing teacher parades to the children who live on the precipice of poverty (in cars no physical contact). My amazing community of teachers is delivering lunches to these children. Yes, they are taking measures and being safe. There are ways to BE THE GOOD safely. Guess what? They are planting seeds that will one day be shoots and yes trees in our community. As a matter of fact, many of our teachers are from this area. Many were my students. I want those teachers in all systems during this time to know how thankful I am and ever so proud to live in this little “Mayberry.” 
“Whenever you help the least, I am there also.” God is with you and for you. These are great lessons we are learning today and I have faith and hope that after the dust settles, we will be forever changed for the good. Greed has no place where love resides. Some will not make it through this without losing their earthly lives. This is just life. It’s not too late. I believe people can choose good and be the examples given in small town America. These examples will resound throughout our country and the world.  
So what happens when we die? Rest, peace, release, and our spirit/soul continues it’s journey. That journey back to the source of all goodness. During my meditation times, I feel as if I am resting there in His Heart. That’s where I long to be. 
Sarah Anderson Alley

Sal the Resurrection Gal
Dedicated to my wonderful, amazing, and selfless teachers and school systems during this time. 
If you can,

  • Stay home
  • Keep safe distances
  • Limited contact with others for at least two weeks but longer is better. (It’s been 14 since my daughter came home from college. We are staying to ourselves.)
  • Last but not least Pray